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Since the factory of automation is improved consistently, facility management control system contributes to a close supervision for stability and accuracy of temperature and moisture in the clean room. Also, FMCS is applied to watch for the amount of waste gas emission and to avoid waste gas emission over standard. As a result of the preceding advantages, it is essential to monitor the system running status through FMCS. We are professional in offering Facility Management Control System, Factory energy saving solutions, Equipment condition monitoring services and we are confident to provide high-quality and various engineering competence and skill in respond to customers from a variety of industries and their demands of creative applications.


Green Intelligent Building System

Facility Management Control System

Factory energy saving solutions

Equipment condition monitoring

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, CIM, is utilized the technology of computers and network to organize and manage systems of all production activities. The main scope of CIM includes Equipment control and automation, equipment management and manufacturing execution systems(MES). With regard to the strength of CIM, it is a dynamic solution to simplify process of product design, shorten production lead-time. Improve efficiency of employees and equipments, improve product quality, decrease inventory. As a result, our CIM is beneficial to enhance overall profitability.
MES: AMAT & Camstar MES product, consultant & implementation

RFID: WIP/reticle rack management, Load port

Equipment automation, Recipe management System, Advanced process control (FDC, R2R, Data mining)

Pump & Heater monitor and failure prediction system

PrintGuard: File print security management

Temperature field detection by visible image

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